Doug Ericksen

Taxes, Spending, and Efficiency

Once we decide not to raise taxes, we can get to the hard work of creating a more efficient government.

  • No new taxes unless the voters approve them
  • View all decisions through a Cost to Benefit analysis
  • Implement a state-wide Priorities of Government program to identify what we should be doing and fund those things within current resources.
  • Limit spending to inflation + population

Save Tax Dollars Through Efficiency

  • Encourage and incentivize innovation through private sector solutions.
  • Utilize private sector technology services
  • Encourage state employees to embrace consumer driven health care

Farm Jobs for Today and the Future

Agricultural industries need stability and certainty.

  • Water—the state must lead on a long term water rights settlement for our farmers
  • Property rights, buffers, and water quality—the state must allow the flexibility for local governments to create our own best available science (BAS) to to do what is in the best interest of our region. We will protect our farmers AND protect water quality.
  • Gravel removal—the state must allow local governments to move forward on  gravel removal from selected river systems to prevent flooding and protecting agricultural lands.
  • Partnerships—the state must allow local governments to partner with the Conservation District for drainage, ditch management, and farm permitting.

Land Use and Planning

Ericksen’s guiding principles for land use and planning:

  1. Respect private property rights
  2. Plan for the community we want, not what they want in Olympia
  3. Dysfunctional and slow permitting should not be used as a growth management tool

Tools for fixing the planning and permitting system

  • Create programmatic permits and check lists for projects
  • Contain the costs of permitting
  • Create a “how can we help atmosphere”
  • Support employees in innovation
  • Free up planning and permitting time for major job creation projects

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